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Our Services

SSSK helps clients to gather data concerning a target market, product, or service. We help organizations understand consumer buying habits, competitor landscape, and potential market risks. We conduct market surveys via different channels including online and email, phone and field interviews, or focus group discussions.

Types of market surveys:

  1. Customer Market surveys: Includes Customer satisfaction. Customer Loyalty and Customer Segmentation  
    • Customer satisfaction – Understating what keeps customers happy, as higher customer satisfaction is more likely to lead to increased customer retention.
    • Customer loyalty – Explores what experiences have happened to lead to greater customer loyalty across the customer lifecycle.
    • Customer segmentation – Explores who the customers are, their behavior and preferences and why they have chosen your product or service.
  2. Product Survey:
    • Includes Product branding, Product marketing and Product features This research aims to see how your product is perceived by customers. Product market surveys assists a company to create, manage and maintain the company brands.
  3. Competitor Market Research
    • Competitive analysis is an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors in comparison to your organization. The aim of this research is to find ways to make your organization stand out and future planning based on customer preferences.
To meet your objective of a research, SSSK experts assist clients in calculating optimal sample size based on appropriate power and effect size. We ensure that your research or the business consulting reports are backed by an optimal number of sample size that will help you arrive at accurate results.
No survey or research can achieve success without a well-designed data collection tools.

SSSK experts helps designing the most appropriate tool for data collection. Our team also help in designing data collection database using a wide range of software’s and applications.
A research paper is the culmination and final product of an involved process of research, critical thinking, source evaluation, and composition. An objective of a research paper  is to allow people to read your work selectively. We offer you necessary techniques in writing your research and writing summarized reports. We help you sharpen the way you communicate your political vision.
Data analysis is making sense of the numbers with the aim of discovering new and useful information and giving insights for decision making. SSSK experts, use a wide variety of statistical software and methods to analyze your data. 

These includes: 
  • Regression
  • Time Series analysis
  • Chi Square
  • Tests